Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let Me In!

(I believe this blog is going to become the home for not only me being serious in regards to my life, but also to be serious about what I want from it. What I want is to make a living off of something I love: music.)

I want to be in the music business. Why? Because I love music. That might sound crazy considering the music business seems to place much more of an emphasis on the word business instead of music. I don't think it's very crazy though. The music business is changing. I suppose you could say it is evolving. Instead of the long tail the industry beast once wagged, it will likely become a nub. A relic from a time when having a tail once mattered. A time when the customer wasn't right. A time when you actually went through the trouble of freeing a compact disc from it's plastic wrap prison. Just to accidentally drop it face down and scratch it until it wasn't playable.

Recently a store that I purchased CD's at in high school moved across town. I was surprised it was going to stay in business to be honest. A part of me does not want to see the CD go the way of the dinosaurs. But what I want and what the industry wants is not going to stop that meteorite of change from putting a huge dent in what we are accustomed to. I used to love Tuesday's. I loved buying an album that I anticipated and seeing the photography, reading the liner notes and discovering what producer created each track. I also loved putting that CD in, hearing it spin for a second and then being rewarded with melodies that would leave indelible marks on my mind.

I am old enough to remember when leaks were rarities and when new music felt new. Listening to a new album used to be an experience, not a normal activity. Perhaps it can become an experience once again. Right now I do not believe that it is. I would guess that few care about an album jacket, the package or the design on the actual CD. Most, probably care only if the album cover looks attractive because that is what they are going to see on their mp3 player.

Audio quality is another concern when it comes to the death of CD's. There are many people like me that care about audio quality and want to listen to an album the way it was meant to sound. There are many others however that could care less and probably don't notice much of a difference between 128kbps or 320kbps. Call me crazy but I like to hear every little nuance in a song. I want to be able to hear the engineer behind the glass pushing buttons and the sound of leather adjusting to the bottoms of the groupies waiting for the artist to finish recording. OK, I am joking but you know what I am saying.

There are many changes happening in this industry. Some jobs are becoming meaningless while others are sprouting up from the decomposing job titles that came before it. "Would you listen to my demo?" has been replaced with "Will you find my e-mail enticing enough to click on it and give me a minute of your time?". My foot is not yet in the door but I am walking towards the entrance. And the way I see it, I don't need to put my foot in and strong arm anyone because the door looks like it's off it's hinges. I think there is a lot more freedom, a lot more opportunity, and you just have to use your passion and persistence.

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Christopher Reinhard said...

Something that I miss about buying CDs is the smell of the liner notes. It's really weird, and I don't know, probably a little creepy; but when I think about the evolution of the record industry and my relationship with new music, that's the first thing that always comes to mind.

Nice post.