Monday, June 9, 2008

Jobby Job

My week will consist of job hunting. Though our economy points out that it is not hunting season. I decided to finally get out there and get a job that doesn't come in plastic, in ounces or one that has the possibility of making my criminal jacket thicker than my winter one. I hope you appreciate my jest, I think I pulled off the beginning of this blog post quite nicely, although my dear friend Trickah would tell me to "get over myself".

Anyway, the topic is employment. And me getting some. And me getting money, getting fresh and using fresh for me to get some. I kid, I kid (I'm on a roll, I need to deprive myself of sleep more often). This is my first job...if I get hired. At this moment I am thinking about finding something in either journalism, printing, or at any music store I can find. By journalism I mean, me talking myself into a job at the local newspaper, putting rubber bands around freshly printed papers. Whatever get's me that ole foot in the door!

As far as printing goes, sure why not? If I can find a screen printing business around here that will let me in without any experience besides iron on cartoon character shirts that I made when I was a kid, I'm in business! And last on my favored jobs list, music. Anything involving music. If I can get a job making ivory piano keys shine like Seal's forehead after singing "Fly Like An Eagle" for 2 days straight, I'm down for it. If I can get a job at Guitar Center selling guitar picks with the Grateful Dead bears emblazoned on them, I'm down for it.

All in all this is my mission. I have accepted it. I gots to get me that bread, skrilla, scratch, cheese, dividends etc. After failing to get an internship at local music studios I must find a way to be productive this summer, in this heat. Still thinking about being a phone sex operator or any other voice freelance work though. If you need an intimidating voice, I'm your man! A Minister Farrakhan voice? I'm your man! OK, that's enough pimping my services for today. Have a good one.


Jon Gilkison said...


Nice post. Maybe you should consider finding employment writing.

JK said...

Haaa, maybe I should. Any leads? I got to get them paper bills homez.

ChunkyRican said...

phone sex operator? how much would you charge?